Friday, October 02, 2015

Our digest of, and commentary on today's Florida political news and punditry.

"Brazen hypocrisy from a son of political royalty"

"The most recent example [of 'brazen hypocrisy'] arrived last week, as Mr. Bush told a crowd in South Carolina that Republicans should not appeal to African-Americans with promises of 'free stuff.'"

“Our message is one that is uplifting,” Mr. Bush said then, “that says you can achieve earned success.”

Opponents saw in the Sept. 24 comments a brazen hypocrisy from a son of political royalty — the latest stumble for a candidate who has cast himself as a bridge to new voters, with experience leading a diverse state and a unique perspective among Republican presidential candidates as the bilingual husband of a woman born in Mexico.

Longtime supporters heard something else: an echo of one of the most turbulent episodes of his governorship.

Mr. Bush had not planned on a fight upon entering office, at least not on this count. Chastened by a narrow election loss in 1994 — he campaigned for governor as a tough-on-crime conservative who glibly predicted he would do “probably nothing” for blacks if elected — Mr. Bush had since moved to expand his outreach to new constituencies.

"Jeb Bush’s Remarks About Blacks Echo a Firestorm He Faced as Governor".

What? Me a wingnut?

"Gov. Rick Scott is heading for his second political fight in recent months with a group prepared to mobilize against him over Planned Parenthood funding. John Stemberger, an attorney and head of the Florida Family Planning Council, says his organization is preparing a campaign to pressure Scott to cancel Planned Parenthood's Medicaid contracts with the state and do what he can to shut down its federal health care subcontracts." "Scott clashes again with social conservative group."

Med MJ

"Medical Marijuana Petition Inches Closer to 2016 Ballot."

HD 3

"Santa Rosa County Commissioner Jayer Williamson, the scion of a family with deep roots in local politics, announced on Thursday that he will not run for a second term and will make a second bid for the Florida House." "Jayer Williamson Decides to Run for Florida House in 2018 Instead of Second Term in Santa Rosa County."

"Without a competitive race"

"More than two-thirds of Florida’s legislators were elected without a competitive race." "How many votes does it take to elect a Florida legislator?"

"What's hot, crazy or shady about politics in the Sunshine State"

Marc Caputo: "Bush-backing tracker BUSTED at Rubio event – LIBERTARIAN DRAMA: goat mutilation, eugenics & a resignation – How Cuba fleeces FL – Clinton’s South Florida foray – FL bear hunt to continue." "Florida Playbook."

"An injustice that has never been corrected"

Leonard Pitts Jr.: "'Groveland,' an injustice that has never been corrected."

Yee haw!

"Licensed Floridians will still be able to bag a bear in Florida later this month after a state judge Thursday refused to stop the planned hunt. "The methodology that [Florida Fish and Wildlife officials] used in coming up with a rule is rational," according to the Judge. "Judge won't stop Florida bear hunt."

"Alternative ideas for healthcare reform"

"A pair of Republican state legislators who are also doctors are pushing an alternate plan to reform healthcare that runs counter to the proposed overhaul laid out by their party leaders." "Lawmaker doctors propose alternative ideas for healthcare reform."

"Things getting hairy for JEB!

"Things are getting a little hairy out there for John Ellis Bush."

The guy who once positioned himself as the unstoppable juggernaut of the 2016 Republican primary has seen his poll numbers sag into the mid-single digits as conservative voters flock to the bizarre spectacle of the Trump/Carson/Fiorina insurgency.

He’s put together a couple of passable, forgettable debate performances, and Bush donors are starting to feel icy needles of panic migrate up their spines as they watch their candidate struggle to gain traction. When not actively gaffing, Jeb is busy cleaning up gaffes.

And when he’s not doing that, he’s defending George W. Bush’s bad wars and accidentally highlighting how many people his brother failed to keep safe.

"Jeb Bush vs. Marco Rubio gets ugly: Florida man attacks friend during job interview."