Thursday, October 01, 2015

Our digest of, and commentary on today's Florida political news and punditry.

"Common Core emerging as major issue"

"Voters’ anger over education issues could drive the political debate in some state legislative districts — particularly where there are Republican primaries or open seats, lawmakers and political observers said." "Common Core emerging as major issue in local 2016 elections."

Florida's Medicaid floppery

"Feds grant Florida another extension for Medicaid program."

School superintendents sound the alarm, Tallahassee isn't listening

The Tampa Trib editors: "Once again the state’s school superintendents have sounded an alarm, and once again it appears the top education bureaucrats and lawmakers in Tallahassee aren’t listening."

In a unified statement of protest, the superintendents say they have “lost confidence” in the education accountability systems in place and asked that the results of the new Florida Standards Assessments test given in the spring not be applied to students, teachers and schools when calculating grades and evaluating performance.
"Review Florida’s high-stakes school accountability system."

Grubbing for wingnuts

"Dr. Ben Carson should replace U.S. House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio? A Florida congressman with his eyes on a U.S. Senate seat is open to the idea." "Ron DeSantis Open to Backing Ben Carson for Speaker."

Jeb "a banal, gaffe-prone candidate"

"Jeb Bush should not have run for president."

He’s a banal, gaffe-prone candidate with a sullied name, seeking to lead a party whose recalcitrant base despises everything he represents.
"Jeb! for president never made any sense: Why his precipitous collapse is far from surprising."

The New York Times: "Jeb Bush: Crying Out Loud" and Salon: "Jeb Bush, as dumb as his idiot brother: His latest nonsense should have you running scared."

Sugar farmers run wild

Nancy Smith: "What are you going to do with Florida sugar farmers? First they insist on keeping the land they own. How selfish is that? Then they go and meet annual Everglades pollution reduction requirements when everybody knows they're poisoning the planet."

"Now guess what they're doing? You probably heard: Those sons-of-a-seabiscuit are poisoning the air as well. They audaciously told the media Wednesday they're going to control-burn their crops -- even though the Sierra Club told them not to." "Damn Sugar Farmers Just Won't Do What They're Told."

A fine start

"Mayor Bob Buckhorn upset civic groups including the NAACP and American Civil Liberties Union when he dismissed critics of his new police review board as “fringe groups” who want to 'tear down our community.' On Wednesday, Buckhorn said he sees no need to meet with those groups as called for by City Council Chairman Frank Reddick." "Buckhorn: No need to see NAACP, ACLU about police review board."

Can Atwater avoid ‘bloody’ Senate primary?

"Some donors hoping Atwater can help GOP avoid ‘bloody’ Senate primary."

Yee Haw!

"State senators are scheduled next week to begin considering whether to keep the Confederate flag on the Senate's official seal, another sign of a growing national tide against icons of the South's rebellion in the 1860s." "Senate Could Drop Confederate Flag from Seal."