Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Our digest of, and commentary on today's Florida political news and punditry.

"Florida Republicans Whiff"

Russell Berman, senior associate editor at The Atlantic: "When the Florida legislature convened for a special summer session earlier this month, lawmakers had, literally, one job: to redraw the state’s congressional districts after a court had thrown out the last map they came up with."

They failed. After two weeks of bickering, the Republicans running the House and Senate gave up and sent their members home, tossing the hot potato of redistricting—for the moment—back to the judiciary. This being Florida, the legislative whiff was not entirely a surprise: Despite one-party rule, Republican leaders in the Sunshine State have gotten along no better than Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid do in Washington. The Senate even sued the House earlier this year in a health care dispute.
"Florida Republicans Whiff in Bid to Draw New Congressional Map." See also "Legislative friction sends redistricting case back to Supreme Court."

When it comes to ideas, the RPOF files for bankruptcy

"State Rep. Blaise Ingoglia, R-Spring Hill, the chairman of the RPOF, promised Republicans across Florida was ready to hit Clinton on ethics as the presidential race continues." "RPOF Chairman Promises to Hold 'Hillary Accountable to her Record'."

Teacher shortage

Joe Henderson: "Many districts in Florida and around the country report significant shortages in qualified teachers." "Retaining, hiring teachers big challenge in Hillsborough and all over."

Blame the unions

Lloyd Brown has all the answers: "Big Revelation in Pinellas Is an Epic Fail." Here's another genius.

GOPer laff riot: Trump mocks Jeb!

"Donald Trump mocked Jeb Bush on Twitter on Tuesday morning after the former Florida governor dug himself into a deeper hole explaining his 'anchor babies' comment."

"In a clumsy move to get out of his 'anchor babies' dilemma, where he signed that he would not use the term and now uses it, he blamed ASIANS," Trump wrote.
"Trump slams Bush for tying Asians to 'anchor babies'."