Monday, August 24, 2015

Our digest of, and commentary on today's Florida political news and punditry.

"Good old days?"

Nancy Smith responds to a recent "back-and-forth with a pair of Tallahassee's most celebrated 'lions' -- liberal Democratic attorney Sandy d'Alemberte, 81, and conservative Republican lobbyist Van Poole, 80." "Tallahassee's 'Good Old Days' Mostly Good for Good Ol' Boys."

"Clock is Ticking for Politicians"

"Court-drawn districts have led to sweeping shifts in Florida’s political landscape in the past. Will it happen again?" "Move to let court draw maps could reshape Florida politics — again."

"Florida politics got a whole lot more interesting last week as the Legislature ended a special session without agreeing on new congressional districts. The next few days should offer some clarity on where things go from here. Rick Scott could call a special session and have the Legislature try again. The Florida Supreme Court, which ruled against the old districts and mandated the special session, could wind up creating the new districts." "Clock is Ticking for Politicians Even as Redistricting's Still Up in the Air."

"There’s a fine line between mild-mannered and wimpy"

Carl Hiassen shares his "plan to energize Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign," which includes the recommendation that he

Get mad. Or at least pretend to be mad.

Waiting for Trump to flame out might seem like a sound strategy, but in the meantime you’d better lock up second place. Would it hurt to fight back a little harder?

The jerk slurred your wife’s national heritage, yet you never braced him about it during the first debate, when he’s standing right beside you.

Sometimes there’s a fine line between mild-mannered and wimpy. No one’s expecting you to morph into an electrifying personality at age 62, but they do expect evidence of a pulse.

"Jeb Bush needs some razzle-dazzle."


"Controversial political committee Relentless for Progress has bought its first attack ad, but it’s not directed at any candidates." "Miami Beach commissioner slams Michael Putney in full-page ad by Relentless for Progress."

CD 5 Redistricting

The Orlando Sentinel editors: "The Florida House and Senate lapsed back into their maddening pattern of skirmish and stalemate last week, deadlocking over the details of congressional redistricting. It's not clear who will end up drawing the maps. But even the two dueling chambers could agree on a Florida Supreme Court-dictated redesign of the state's most indefensible district."

District 5, represented by Democrat Corrine Brown, meanders from Jacksonville to Orlando, cutting through eight counties. It belongs in the dictionary to illustrate the term "gerrymandered."
"Redo of Brown's district won't hurt blacks."

That's our Jeb!

"As a presidential candidate, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush hasn’t said much about the environmental issues facing America."

He’s waffled on climate change, and supported approval of the Keystone pipeline and drilling in the Arctic, and that’s been about it.
"Jeb Bush said he loved manatees, but sided with boaters, anti-tax crowd as governor."