Saturday, April 11, 2015

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Rick Scott's triple twisting back flop-flip

Ed Dean: "From 2011 to 2012, Rick Scott was against Medicaid expansion in Florida. Then he reversed his position and, until last year, he supported it. It’s now 2015 and he has reversed his position again." "Pam Bondi, Dan Webster on; Rick Scott, Bob Buckhorn off."

Florida’s political parties rake in corporate cash

"Florida’s political parties are taking in millions of dollars from many corporations that have a stake in what happens during this year’s legislative session."

New reports filed late Friday show that . . . The Republican Party of Florida, along with a separate fundraising account run by the GOP senate president, took in nearly $7.4 million. . . .

The Florida Democratic Party received roughly $2.75 million in cash donations.

"Florida’s political parties rake in money during session."

Weekly Roundup

"On a week when Jimmy Buffett came to the Capitol, one major piece of legislation ended up happily ever after. But others were getting to where they might need to do the desperation samba. As for the fate of other legislation? Only time will tell." "Weekly Roundup: Bills Living, Dying and Somewhere In Between."

"Florida: comedy gold"

"Why does Dave Barry live in Florida? It's comedy gold, the humorist told Bill Maher on Friday's 'Real Time With Bill Maher.'"

We've turned strangeness into an industry. Perhaps the state should establish a bureau of weirdness and set up museums about Florida lore, crimes and elections. Gather all those late-night put-downs about Florida in one place and invite tourists in. Sure, we've been the butt of the joke often, but we're not boring. Come visit. You'll see. Imagine the commercials with Gov. Rick Scott: "Anything can happen in Florida. I was elected governor. Twice." . . . On the Maher show, Dave Barry joked that he had moved to Florida from the United States. Florida is different, and we have the comedy gold to prove it.
"Florida: We are comedy gold."

Gay adoption ban

"House, Senate take different approaches on gay adoption ban." "House passes religious exemption to block gay adoptions."

"Detzner's trivial opposition to online registration characteristic of his inept handling of his election responsibilities"

The Tampa Tribune editors: "A microphone picked up a frustrated Pinellas Sen. Jack Latvala calling Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner’s testimony about online voter registration as “so much ...” — with Latvala using a salty term to finish his comment."

If he was a bit profane, Latvala was on target. He, his fellow lawmakers and all Florida voters have good reason to be upset with Detzner, whose trivial opposition to online registration is characteristic of his inept handling of his election responsibilities.

Even as Detzner made an uninvited appearance before the Senate this week in an effort to sabotage online registration legislation, his department was trying to explain the inadvertent release of voter information from high-risk individuals, including law enforcement officials, judges and crime victims. The department’s media release tried to minimize the blunder, but there was no hiding that these individuals’ personal information had been compromised.

"Worry about voters, not bureaucrats."