Friday, April 10, 2015

Our digest of, and commentary on today's Florida political news and punditry.

Batista-dead-enders run wild

"Florida lawmakers have lambasted efforts by President Barack Obama to normalize relations with Cuba,"

an initiative that continues today with Obama’s appearance at the Summit of the Americas in Panama.
And what about that Cuban Consulate?
Local leaders in Miami, with the nations biggest population of Cuban-Americans, have also said they have no interest in seeing a Cuban consulate there. But many leaders in Tampa — a city with historic ties older than Miami’s and also just a short plane flight away — have embraced the idea.

Both the Tampa chamber and the Tampa City Council have spoken out in favor of a consulate here, as has U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor, a Tampa Democrat.

"Lawmakers' Cuba condemnation may hurt Tampa's outreach." More: "Warming Cuba relations may bring consulate back."

Meanwhile, "Miami mayor would fight putting Cuban consulate in the city ." See also "Miami Rejects Hosting Cuban Consulate, But Tampa Wants It."

Related: "Cuban dissidents heckled at Americas Summit," "Cuba, Venezuela tensions rise in run-up to hemispheric meeting," "Poll in Cuba: Obama more popular than Fidel, Raúl Castro," "How secret poll in Cuba was done," "Abel Prieto: Cuba does not dialogue with puppets of the United States" and "Orlando airport will offer flights to Cuba on July 8."

"Gay adoption bill facing showdown"

"A proposal allowing private agencies to deny gay adoptions by claiming religious or moral objections passed the state House on Thursday but faces uncertainty after the Senate signaled opposition to similar language." "Gay adoption bill facing showdown in state Senate."

"There’ll Be Less Testing. But Not Much Less"

"Rejoice, Students: There’ll Be Less Testing. But Not Much Less. House Approves Roll-Back.." See also "Legislature approves scaling back of school testing" and "House votes to reduce number of state-required school tests."

And then there's this: "Bill to Cut High-Stakes Testing Heads to Rick Scott for Signing."

Good luck with that

"The South Miami city commission unanimously passed a resolution sponsored by Mayor Philip Stoddard in support of removing barriers to customer-sited solar power and support for the Floridians for Solar Choice ballot petition." "South Miami mayor, commission: Floridians should have greater choices to buy solar energy."

Its called Employment-at-will

"Workers say Methodist church day-care center fired them for being gay."

Nary a spine in sight

"The Florida House overwhelmingly passed a $690 million tax cut package, but the Senate shows no signs of agreeing to the plan." "Florida House passes $690 million tax cut package."

Second amendment stoopid

"House gambling bill clears first hurdle." See also "Bill for concealed carry in evacuations headed to Gov. Rick Scott."

"Rubio gets a Super PAC"

"Sen. Marco Rubio has already used his Reclaim America PAC, which is limited to $5,000 donations, to build a political team that will run his campaign as well as grow a national fundraising network." "Marco Rubio gets a Super PAC, fueling 2016 money race."

Batista-dead-enders in a dither over terror designation

"Decision on Cuba terror designation will come soon, Obama says."

Senate committee proposes to expand gaming

"While the House scales back its broad bill, a Senate committee took its narrow bill and broadened it to expand gaming" "Turmoil continues over fate of gambling bills."