Friday, November 07, 2014

FlaDems "possible future candidates for statewide office"

Our digest of, and commentary on today's Florida political news and punditry.

FlaDems "possible future candidates for statewide office"

Kevin Derby: "After getting thrashed at the ballot box in Tuesday’s election, Florida Democrats are looking to rebuild for 2016 when there will be a presidential race and a U.S. Senate race."

Despite former Gov. Charlie Crist going down to defeat, none of her party’s other Florida Cabinet candidates even coming close to beating Republicans and losing seats in the Florida House, Florida Democratic Party Chairwoman Allison Tant insisted her “bench is stronger” after the elections.
"Talking to the Associated Press this week, former state Sen. Dan Gelber, who was closely tied to the Crist campaign, pointed toward possible future candidates for statewide office, including Gwen Graham who beat U.S. Rep. Steve Southerland, R-Fla. in a rare bright spot for Democrats. Gelber also pointed to mayors, including Alvin Brown of Jacksonville, Bob Buckhorn of Tampa, Buddy Dyer of Orlando and Jack Seiler of Fort Lauderdale, as possible future candidates." "Florida Democrats Look to Rebuild After Election Day Rout."


"U.S. Unemployment Drops to 5.8% as Economy Adds 214,000 Jobs, Maintaining Average."

'Ya reckon?

"The biggest factor, they said, was turnout. Non-presidential election years mean a drop in Democratic and no-party voter participation." "Political club members sort out meaning of election results."

"Voters delivered a message to politicians"

Aaron Deslatte: "Florida voters delivered a message to politicians last week that the state's polluted natural places need an urgent salvage mission. At least, that's how the Florida senators who pushed for water-quality reform last session are casting the overwhelming passage of Amendment 1." "Conservation amendment faces future political fights."

"Nelson was noticeably absent"

"Bill Nelson was noticeably absent for Charlie Crist this year. To be sure, Nelson did Crist no good by looming over the race for so long, continuing to leave the door open to making a gubernatorial bid of his own. That kept liberal donors from opening up their wallets and funding former Republican Crist earlier in the year." "Charlie Crist Didn't See Much of Bill Nelson -- Will Democrats in 2016?."

The Best and the Worst

Brandon Larrabee of the News Service of Florida: "Backroom Briefing: The Best and Worst of Election 2014."