Friday, May 03, 2013

Our digest of, and commentary on today's Florida political news and punditry follows.

"The good, the bad, the embarrassing"

Daniel Ruth writes that "a Gitmo detainee has gotten a fairer shake from government than your great unwashed member of the body politic."

Don't you suspect there is a secret legislative cabal that meets every morning with a cat-stroking House Speaker Will Weatherford to report on their efforts to short-sheet Floridians at almost every turn? Think of it as a CCE — Committee of Continuing Egregiousness.
"While no one would confuse the Senate with the Algonquin Roundtable, it is some small comfort that its members aren't as addled as the ideological Gary Buseys populating the House."
We've had all manner of rogues, charlatans, dimwits, megalomaniacs and wanted-posters-in-waiting preside over the House throughout Florida history, but none of them turned down $51 billion from the federal government to provide health care to 1 million low-income Floridians. That's what Weatherford, R-The King Tut of the Tea Party, did.
Much more here: "Public again feels wrath of Legislature". The Miami Herald editorial board: "Gov. Scott wields veto pen but also signs ethics law". The Orlando Sentinel editors: "State Legislature wrap-up: The good, the bad, the embarrassing".

"Elections bill lingers"

"Elections bill lingers on Legislature's last day". See also "Florida's long-sought elections repairs in snag as lawmakers try last-minute negotiations".

"Chaotic spell"

"Florida House returns to normal after chaotic spell".

Dems threaten lawsuit

"Scott gets tax break, but House Democrats threaten lawsuit".

"Sticking it to the locals"

Fred Grimm: "Tallahassee sticks it to the locals".

What's a fraudster to do?

"Tax fraud legislation awaits Scott’s signature".

The case of the disappearing spine

"Judge sides with state in teacher challenge of merit pay law". Related: "Amendment on Florida House bill targets 'unsatisfactory' teachers".

"Latest assault on Florida's environment

The Palm Beach Post editors: "As members of the Florida Legislature congratulate themselves for spreading around a record $74.5 billion budget, one part of the state is getting shafted: the Florida environment." "Reject latest assault on Florida’s environment.".


Scott Maxwell: "Partisanship hurts old, sick & poor".

Pulling a "fast one" on Scott

"Did Florida lawmakers pull a fast one on Gov. Rick Scott?".

As Florida firefighters "battle blazes", legislators plot to dismantle their pensions

"Firefighters battle three blazes across Orange".

Tant hits a nerve

"Lenny Curry Bites Back Against Dem Leader's Anti-Scott 'Tant Rant'".

Citizens mess

"Citizens Property reform bill — minus big rate increases — heads to governor’s desk".