Thursday, May 02, 2013

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Democrats left "crying foul"

"The three highest-profile figures involved in the 2013 legislative session saw their top priorities sewn up Wednesday night in a rapid-fire series of events that left a trail of unanswered legal questions and Democrats crying foul." "It's a Deal? Weatherford, Gaetz, Scott All Win". See also "Scott signs election and ethics laws, vetoes alimony plan".

"But there's a catch"

"Teacher pay raises placed on fast track". More: "Teacher pay raises could come sooner — but there’s a catch".

Florida consumers "keep losing"

The Tampa Bay Times editorial board: "Utility customers keep losing".

"Jeb!" clones in a funk

"Sen. Kelli Stargel: Sadly, Parent Empowerment Misunderstood".

"Florida Democrats Torpedo 2013 Session's Bipartisan Spirit, Hold Election Reform Hostage".

"Abusive" insurance practices

"Time running out for lawmakers to stop insurance practice homeowners and advocates call abusive".

Democracy, Tallahassee style

"In an unusual, late-night meeting, Florida lawmakers negotiating a state budget unveiled — and quickly agreed to — a new tax break meant to help a California company that recently hired one of Tallahassee's most influential lobbying firms." "California company snags last-minute tax break from Florida lawmakers".

Medicaid fraud in Tally

"What killed Florida’s plan to reform health care?" The Tampa Bay Times editors: "Weatherford should allow open vote on Medicaid expansion".

Meanwhile, Nancy Smith complains that "Democrats' Stunt No Triumph for Democracy".