Sunday, September 04, 2016

Our digest of, and commentary on today's Florida political news and punditry.

Presidential campaign in Florida "about to get turbo-charged"

Anthony Man: "The presidential campaign has been running at full throttle in Florida for most of the summer. Now, it's about to get turbo-charged."

Both sides covet Florida voters because the prize is so big: the largest state that could go either way in November.
"Florida is top battleground for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump."

Winners and losers

Adam C. Smith, Times Political Editor: "Winner and loser of the week in Florida politics."

Rubio's "last shred of dignity"

Carl Hiaasen: "The big question facing top Republicans on the ballot is: Do I really want to be seen in public with Donald Trump?"

It’s an especially queasy decision for two U.S. senators, Marco Rubio of Florida and John McCain of Arizona. Both have been scorned and humiliated by Trump, yet they continue to say they support him.
"Here’s the dilemma: Rubio and McCain hate Trump’s guts, but they think they need his angry-white-voter base to get re-elected. The result is a self-debasing charade of 'distancing' themselves from the racist real-estate developer without repudiating him."
“Little Marco,” as Trump christened him during the debates, stands by his assessment of Trump as “a con man,” but he says we should put him in the White House anyway.

That astonishing position reveals more about Rubio’s fitness for office than it does about Trump’s.

"Can Trump fan Rubio hold on to that last shred of dignity?."

Tampa Dem jeopardizing his future

"It was always going to be tough for Kevin Beckner to make amends with Pat Frank and her allies after their divisive Democratic primary battle for Hillsborough County clerk of the Circuit Court. "

But his refusal to endorse her after she handily defeated him in Tuesday's election has also rankled Democratic Party insiders. And that may jeopardize the future of one of the party's most promising local politicians.
"Once a rising political star, Democrat Kevin Beckner's future in question after bitter Hillsborough clerk's race."

Bill Clinton to visit Orlando

"Former President Bill Clinton is scheduled to visit Orlando on Wednesday, the Hillary Clinton campaign said." "Bill Clinton to campaign in Orlando Wednesday."

"Crist's last shot"

"Charlie Crist's last shot at redemption."