Monday, May 09, 2016

Our digest of, and commentary on today's Florida political news and punditry.

Scott's Job Claims "Mostly False"

"Florida Gov. Rick Scott is not on board with the minimum wage increase in the sunny, oceanside state — of California."

As Scott toured the West Coast for the second time attempting to attract businesses, Enterprise Florida (the state's public-private economic development arm) ran radio ads in San Francisco and Los Angeles attacking California's $15 wage and trumpeting Florida's superior job prospects.
"The ad is comparing California's projected employment with Florida's past performance — an apples-to-oranges comparison."
It also distorts what the 700,000 jobs-lost figure actually refers to. Even with the wage hike, California is expected to gain more jobs than Florida over the next decade, albeit not as many as without it. Furthermore, all the economists we spoke with cautioned against pinning a figure to the minimum wage hike's impact on employment in California.
PolitiFact Florida: Florida agency's misleading attack on California's minimum wage hike."

Carl Hiaasen: "Florida’s governor, leader of a low-wage, low-skill state, tried to poach corporations in California. Once they stopped snickering, they gave Scott an earful, telling him, not so politely, to go home." "Gov. Scott went to California, dreaming."

Marco's "political rehabilitation"

"What does a former presidential candidate do after a crushing home-state loss?" "The political rehabilitation of Marco Rubio."

Jeb! huffs

"Jeb Bush won’t vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton."

"What's hot, crazy or shady about politics in the Sunshine State"

Marc Caputo: "Rubio-Cruz spat’s 2020 feel – Forget pledge, Jeb’s ‘Never Trump’ – Orange County’s terrible ‘teacher appreciation week’ – Oil prospecting near the Glades? – Gator hunter gets hunted by gator." "Florida Playbook."

"Trump loses Florida, he loses the election"

"Political campaigns tend to be about hope, fear, self-interest, frustration and, occasionally, inspiration. Ultimately, though, campaigns are about math, and the presidential electoral math has been consistent for decades: If the Republican nominee loses Florida, he loses the election." "Can Donald Trump win Florida? Yes, but he probably won't."

Meanwhile, "Dennis Ross Takes Trump's Side Over Paul Ryan."

Minimum wage increase would prompt legal fight

"Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine wants to increase minimum wage citywide. This could prompt a legal fight. The state of Florida sets the wage level and prohibits municipalities from doing so." "A fight to give Beach workers a raise."


"The information was mistakenly included in a file sent to an outside contractor." "Palm Beach County teachers' Social Security numbers accidentally shared."

Say, who?

"GOP candidates for Florida’s open U.S. Senate seat chase name recognition."

"Buckhorn's gubernatorial chances aren't great"

"Florida Insider Poll numbers on Bob Buckhorn's gubernatorial chances aren't great."