Friday, January 29, 2016

Our digest of, and commentary on today's Florida political news and punditry.

Open carry passes final House committee

Over the objections of 47 of 67 sheriffs, "concealed carry permit holders would be able to openly carry handguns -- as long as they are holstered and not just stuck down a waistband -- under a bill that passed its final House committee Thursday." "Floridians one step closer to being allowed to openly carry handguns."

Demings gets unanimous backing of the Congressional Black Caucus

"Former Orlando Police Chief Val Demings got the unanimous backing of the Congressional Black Caucus in her bid to win the Democratic nomination for Florida's redrawn 10th Congressional District. The influential organization, established in 1971, is comprised of black members of Congress." "Congressional Black Caucus backs Val Demings bid for Congress."

New's flash: Florida's Clinton supporters think Hill will win Florida

"Prominent Florida Democrats agree Hillary Clinton is stronger candidate in the state than Bernie Sanders."

"What's hot, crazy or shady about politics in the Sunshine State"

Marc Caputo: "Jeb’s best debate night – ‘Rubio or bust’ for GOP? -- Florida budget fights begin – Medical marijuana campaign ‘will be different’." "Florida Playbook."

Immigration tussle

"Rubio, Bush tussle over immigration."

"Senate budget contradicts transparency bill"

"The House and Senate transparency bills would both bar the state from implementing an all-payer claims database — but despite the prohibition, the Senate spending plan Sen. Rene Garcia unveiled Thursday includes $4.5 million to fund one. Gov. Rick Scott and the state Agency for Health Care Administration submitted legislative budget requests asking for $5 million for such a database, which Scott needs to implement his health care transparency proposal." "On all-payer claims database, Senate budget contradicts transparency bill." See also "Senate HHS Appropriations OKs Health Care Price Transparency Bill."

Backroom Briefing

"Backroom Briefing: Pot Debate Goes from 'Trojan Horse' to Lutheran Towers."

Florida Republicans fight to preserve executions

"Saying it's time to put the "death penalty" debate to rest, the Republican-controlled Florida Legislature began taking its first steps Wednesday to find a way to preserve executions in the state." "Florida legislators vow to keep death penalty, fix law."

Tallahassee on Uber

The Sun Sentinel editorial board: "The Florida Legislature should learn from Broward County as it tries to set statewide rules for Uber and other ride-hailing companies. After setting rules so stringent that Uber threatened to leave, the Broward County Commission heard from tens of thousands of residents who like the service." "What Tallahassee should do on Uber."

House, Senate far apart on transportation and economic development budget

"The Senate’s transportation and economic development budget is nearly $800 million larger than the plan put forward by the House, a difference that will no doubt be one of the last issues debated during the final weeks of the legislative session." "Nearly $800M separates House, Senate economic development budgets."