Friday, January 15, 2016

Our digest of, and commentary on today's Florida political news and punditry follows.

Jeb! out of it, Florida chatterers cling to Rubio's coattails

Desperate to finally be relevant in a presidential race, Florida's political chatterers prop up Rubio the best they can. See e.g., "Marco Rubio has another moment."

Legislature approves its priorities

"House, Senate approve top legislative priorities during session’s first week."

Nancy Smith: "The Florida House completed its part of legislation to protect Florida's natural resources Thursday, substituting its HB 7005 for SB 552, the bill the Senate approved Wednesday." "House Passes Massive Water Bill -- Little Left but the Shouting."

One less empty suit

"Former New Smyrna Beach Mayor Adam Barringer announced on Thursday he would bow out of the race to replace U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., in Congress and threw his support behind state Rep. Fred Costello, R-Ormond Beach." "Adam Barringer Exits CD 6 Race, Backs Fred Costello."

"Bush donors await green light to jump ship"

"‘I need you to throw away money on Jeb — out of loyalty,’ a fundraiser told donors." "Bush donors await green light to jump ship." See also "DJ Khaled Made an Inspirational Video for Jeb Bush."


"Florida universities and colleges would face millions of dollars in added expenses if lawmakers approve a bill this session to allow guns on campus, worried school officials say." "Campus-carry bill comes with hefty price tag, schools say."

Good luck with that

"via Teachers, parents rally for more money from state for schools."

Who runs Florida?

"Associated Industries of Florida Praises Passage of Fracking Bill". More: "Florida Chamber of Commerce Marks 100 Years of Leading the Business Community."

"Drivers beware" "Drivers beware: a small tweak in Florida’s auto insurance legislation could have a big impact on Florida drivers, leading to possibility of increased fraud in the Sunshine State." ".Consumer Federation: New Auto Insurance Bill Could Lead to More Fraud in Florida"

"What's hot, crazy or shady about politics in the Sunshine State"

Marc Caputo: "Another moment without momentum for Rubio? – Jeb donors ready to jump ship – FL Senate’s new (rebel-free) flag -- Hendry County face monkey-business trial (literally)."