Monday, November 09, 2015

Our digest of, and commentary on today's Florida political news and punditry follows.

"Rubio credit-card myths"

"Five Rubio credit-card myths – Jeb’s turnaround time? – University of Southernmost Shadiness – No one tracks FL cop shootings – Bloomberg V. Bondi." "Florida Playbook."

Sunshine Summit

Kevin Derby: "With 2016 around the corner, the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) will be hosting the Sunshine Summit in Orlando from Nov. 12-Nov. 14 and the stakes will be high.

The presidential hopefuls will take most of the spotlight but there’s another important race already taking shape as Rubio has said he will not run for a second Senate term. Florida Republicans Ron DeSantis, David Jolly, Carlos Lopez-Cantera and Todd Wilcox are already off and running and they will be at the Sunshine Summit trying to win support for their Senate bids." "At Sunshine Summit, Marco Rubio Looks to Profit Off Jeb Bush's Stumbles."

Even the Tampa Trib

Even the usually anti-union Tampa Trib editors point out that raises for Florida's wildfire firefighters "were cut from the budget by Gov. Rick Scott, who balked at giving the blanket increases. The governor should reconsider that decision this year. The state pays starting firefighters just $24,000 a year and has awarded one pay raise over the past 10 years, contributing to high turnover." "State’s forestry firefighters deserving of raises."

Who knew: "Florida firefighters face an average of more than 31 new wildfires every day." "Blue Ribbon Fire Takes Lives of Two Florida Firefighters."

Weekly Roundup

"Weekly Roundup: Third Time No Charm for Lawmakers."