Thursday, November 12, 2015

Our digest of, and commentary on today's Florida political news and punditry follows.

Interrupting Jeb!

The New Yorker: "How to Interrupt Jeb Bush."

Perhaps its an entitlement thing: "Why Jeb Bush just isn’t a good debater." Meanwhile, "a bunch of terrible new polls for Jeb Bush?"

"What's hot, crazy or shady about politics in the Sunshine State"

Marc Caputo: "Rubio v. Cruz – Cheney headlines RPOF bash – Hillary prepares another FL swing – Miccosukee tribal trouble – Scott’s hospital commission looks stuck." "Florida Playbook."

Florida's renters paying biggest part of property taxes

"[R]enters are picking up the biggest tab for property taxes in the state and get fewer tax exemptions than owner-occupied property." "Property-tax burden shifts to renters, second-home owners."

Gub'ner Putnam 2018?

"A political committee tied to state Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam raised $693,980 during October and neared $3.1 million for the year, according to a newly filed finance report. The committee, known as 'Florida Grown,' spent $77,698 during the month and had about $2.46 million in available cash as of Oct. 31. Putnam is widely believed to be looking at running for governor in 2018. His contributions in October included $450,000 from committees linked to the business group Associated Industries of Florida." "State Capital Briefs."

DWS stays strong

Nancy Smith: "Mea culpa. I'm now fairly sure I was wrong about Debbie Wasserman Schultz. I said in past columns she was losing her power. Nope."

Her mysteriously lengthy tenure as Democratic National Committee chair goes on.

DWS still has enough power to rig the Democratic primary for Hillary Clinton. The president, her boss, has to see it, and he's not trying to stop her.

No wonder Independent Bernie Sanders isn't winning endorsements. He may caucus with the Democrats, but he remains defiantly free of the hierarchy and drama within the party. That, plus the influence of Democratic National Committee Chair Wasserman Schultz's dictator-like leadership, make for few endorsements going his way.

"DWS Driving Democratic Debates -- Maybe Democrats Themselves -- into the Shadows."

"Scott losing some of his tactical advantage"

"Gov. Rick Scott has engaged for the past several months in a running public relations battle with the state’s hospitals, after a health care funding fight nearly derailed the 2015 session of the Florida Legislature. And thanks to the power of his highly public position, he's been winning. "

But the onetime hospital executive, who was forced out of his own company in the wake of a federal investigation, could soon lose some of his tactical advantage.
"With budget fight looming, Scott health commission shows little progress."

That "secret contract"

"Pitbull's secret Florida contract a slap to the public."

Fortunate sons write a report

"With Veterans Day on Wednesday, a new report from Florida TaxWatch looked at services the Sunshine State offers the 1.6 million veterans who call Florida home." "Florida TaxWatch Looks at Veterans Services in Florida."