Monday, August 31, 2015

Our digest of, and commentary on today's Florida political news and punditry.

FlaDems want independent commission

"With the Legislature having trouble redrawing new political districts, the job should be given to an independent commission as other states have done, Democrats argue." "Democrats push independent commission amid redistricting mess."

Party Switchers

Ed Dean: "Politicians switching parties to run for office in Florida is nothing new -- generally, they survive the backlash -- and a Jacksonville Republican is the latest political hopeful counting on that survival. The success stories include former Gov. Bob Martinez, who was elected mayor of Tampa as a Democrat before heading to Tallahassee in 1986 as a Republican. Jim Smith was a Democrat when he was elected attorney general, but after losing the 1986 Democratic primary, he joined the GOP and served as secretary of state. Florida State Supreme Court Justice Charles Canady served in the Florida House as a Democrat before winning a U.S. House seat in 1992 as a Republican." "Party Switching Could Hurt GOP House Candidate Donnie Horner in Jacksonville."

Outa his league

"NLRB Decision on Contract Employment Draws Carlos Curbelo's Fire."

Grayson "Don't Give a Damn 'Bout [His] Bad Reputation"

Adam Smith can't "decide which is more interesting:"

That the great Joan Jett co-hosted a fundraiser for Alan "Don't Give a Damn 'Bout my Bad Reputation' Grayson in New York last week, or that the Aug. 27 reception was also co-hosted by three Wall Streeters on the same day Grayson sent a fundraising email boasting that "Wall Street bankers hate me."

At least three of the listed co-hosts - Avery Byrd, Lawrence Hui, and Mary Namorato - are in the investment business. Grayson, himself a hedge fund operator, has been hammering Democratic U.S. Senate rival Patrick Murphy for receiving money from Wall Street, especially Goldman Sachs.

"Joan Jett and the Wall Streeters pony up for Wall Street-bashing Alan Grayson."

About Jose Oliva

"Rep. Jose Oliva kept an icy cool as he verbally sparred with his Senate counterpart Bill Galvano over the redistricting map that would force the Legislature's special session to end in stalemate." "Miami Lakes legislator rises swiftly, holds fast to 'free market' ideals

Jeb's Planned Parenthood cheap shot

"Bush's Planned Parenthood jab unfounded."