Friday, August 14, 2015

Our digest of, and commentary on today's Florida political news and punditry.

New maps to be voted on Monday

"No meetings are scheduled today, which is day five of the special session on redistricting. Instead, state senators are reviewing a series of amendments made Thursday to a base map that are scheduled to be voted on Monday." "Three takeways from the Florida special session." See also "House Approves Congressional Districts; Senate Ponders Changes."

The Palm Beach Post editors: "GOP lawmakers’ cries of foul over redistricting ring hollow."

Favored son follies

"Five of [Jeb's past] business associates have been convicted of crimes; one remains an international fugitive on fraud charges."

One of them was a tenant in Museum Tower, a high-rolling young Colombian named Alberto Duque, who had somehow secured

$124 million in loans to finance a small bank and a coffee company. Duque drove around town in a Rolls-Royce and hosted Bush and other Miami luminaries at a lavish dinner. He once flew Bush to Costa Rica on his private jet to attend the presidential inauguration.

In 1986, Duque was convicted on 60 counts of bank fraud involving up to $100 million in loans. After serving seven of 15 years in prison, he fled from a halfway house and remains a fugitive.

"Jeb Bush dogged by decades of questions about business deals."

Meanwhile, "Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio is slamming President Barack Obama's outreach to Iran and Cuba, calling his diplomacy with the two nations evidence of 'every flawed strategic, moral and economic notion' that has driven his foreign policy." "In speech, Rubio slams Obama's outreach to Iran and Cuba." See also "Jeb Bush refuses to rule out use of torture if he becomes US president."

Batista's last gasp

As the revisionists whine, the Sun Sentinel editors write that the "End of Cuba isolation should benefit all."

RPOF front group loads up

"Florida Chamber of Commerce Expands Team, Bringing on New Staffers."

"Bad news for Jeb"

Kevin Derby: "Outsiders are starting to find the 2016 presidential election to be fertile ground, which is bad news for Jeb Bush." "Jeb Bush Swimming Against the Tide as 2016 Favors Outsiders."