Saturday, August 22, 2015

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"The summer of ineptitude"

"With no agreement reached on new maps for the state’s congressional districts, the Florida House and Senate also disagreed on extending the special session four more days." "Florida Legislature ends special session with no agreement on new congressional districts."

"The 12-day session expired at noon with the state House and Senate unwilling to compromise on the best way to apportion Florida’s 27 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives."

It’s now likely that the state’s Supreme Court justices will have to redraw the boundary lines themselves – the one thing legislators wanted to avoid.
"Lawmakers’ stalemate means court may draw House districts."

"Democrats, far in the minority in both chambers, took the opportunity to criticize the leadership, especially given the Legislature's inability to pass a budget in the regular session."

"Don't forget we were here last month, not for the maps but because of their ineptitude. I mean, it's the summer of ineptitude at this point," said Rep. Evan Jenne, D-Dania Beach, who has filed a bill to set up an independent commission to draw new districts.
"Legislature leaves town without congressional districts." See also "Hillsborough at issue in failure to finalize U.S. House map," "Senate, House Leave Tallahassee with No Agreement on Redrawn Congressional Maps," "With Legislature’s redistricting effort failing, justices may decide" and "Divided Legislature ends session without adopting new districts map."

"Dishonesty and utter dysfunction"

The Tampa Tribune editorial board: "The dishonesty and utter dysfunction exhibited by the Florida Legislature in trying to redraw boundaries for the state’s 27 congressional districts is proof enough that the task shouldn’t be left to a group of sitting lawmakers who have too much at stake in the outcome." "Legislative dysfunction shows need for independent redistricting commission."

The Palm Beach Post editors: "Dysfunctional Legislature blows it again on redistricting."

"Legislature Betrayed Florida Republicans"

Kevin Derby and Nancy Smith: "In recent years, Florida Republicans have contrasted the way government is run in the Sunshine State with the dysfunction in Washington, D.C., insisting things were run smoothly in Tallahassee. That fiction was exposed Friday as the two chambers of the state Legislature were at each other’s throats over congressional redistricting." "The Legislature that Betrayed Florida Republicans."

FlaDems "in a Fix"

"Iran Deal Puts Florida Democrats in a Fix."

And there's a lot of that going around

Fabiola Santiago: "Trump campaign feeds ignorance and fear."

Bondi resists legal fees for lawyers in same-sex marriage case

"Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi is now balking at paying attorney fees to lawyers who fought her appeal of a decision that struck down the state's ban on same-sex marriage." "Bondi: Don't pay lawyers for gay couples in same-sex marriage case."