Friday, June 19, 2015

Our digest of, and commentary on today's Florida political news and punditry.

For Jeb!, "privatization is a cure-all

Jeb! "thinks privatization is a cure-all." "Everything you need to know about Jeb Bush’s dangerous education agenda."

Entrepreneurs in action

"Largest-Ever Medicare and Medicaid Fraud 'Takedown' Nets 73 in South Florida."

Jeb's entanglements

"Jeb Bush's deep dive into corporate America, where he served on the boards or as an adviser to more than a dozen companies, could trigger complications for him if he wins the White House."

Companies that paid Bush as a board member or adviser regularly hire lobbyists to press issues in Washington before federal agencies, Congress and the White House. Others have been fined by U.S. agencies, such as the Environmental Protection Agency, or faced inquiries from the Securities and Exchange Commission. Some are expected to conduct business beyond November 2016 that will be directly affected by U.S. government decisions.
"As president, Jeb Bush would face entanglements from board roles."

"It’s who you know"

"Budget priorities reflect who’s got clout in Tallahassee" "The late-night rollout of $1 billion in budget items and more than $300 million in new projects revealed that for much of the legislative budget process, it’s who you know and who is in charge."

And then there's fluoride

"Anti-Common Core Groups Plan Protest at Jeb Bush Event."

Scott spending like a drunken lawyer

"Scott says the state and federal government haven’t resolved the lawsuit’s underlying issues of being foreced to expand Medicaid." "Florida Gov. Rick Scott not dropping lawsuit against feds over hospital funds."