Monday, June 01, 2015

Our digest of, and commentary on today's Florida political news and punditry.

"Second try at budget"

"As legislators return to the Capitol Monday for a second attempt at crafting a budget, they face a deadline to prevent a government shutdown amid lingering resentment between House and Senate Republicans." "Lawmakers return to Capitol for second try at budget." See also "Lawmakers seek to avert shutdown despite health care funding split."

Scott would shift federal money to for-profit hospitals

"Gov. Rick Scott has submitted a plan to the federal government that would shift federal money to treat uninsured patients from public, safety-net providers to for-profit hospitals." "Gov. Scott has own plans for hospital funding." More: "Florida's political plight: Health care funding issue looms."

The Tallahassee Democrat editors: "Time to get it done."

RPOF Finance Team

"RPOF Unveils Finance Team for 2016."

"Hillary vs. Jeb, of course"

Politico - Bill Scher writes, "I am going to tell you, right now, what the political landscape of the future looks like so you don’t waste your time over the next year listening to a parade of pundits or watching those ridiculous primary debates. The 2016 election is going to come down to Hillary vs. Jeb, of course. Dynasty against dynasty. The campaign that would horrify our Founding Fathers and will bore everyone to tears." "Newsflash: It’s Going To Be Hillary vs. Jeb."

Meanwhile, "Jeb Bush Blames GOP Congress, Not His Brother, For Bush-Era Spending." More: "PolitiFact Florida: When Jeb Bush was known as 'Veto Corleone'."

See also: "RNC Hits Hillary Clinton for Appearing With 'Mr. Marijuana' John Morgan."

"DeSantis Version 2.0?"

"Ron DeSantis won the Republican primary for an open congressional seat in 2012 by running as a conservative, stressing his military service, attacking career politicians and nailing down St. Johns County." "Mark Miner: Ron DeSantis Version 2.0?"

Marco's Nevada bet

"Rubio's bet on Nevada."

Koch Brothers launch new Florida ad

Kevin Derby: "Americans for Prosperity (AFP) launched a new ad on Friday, urging legislators to stand against Medicaid expansion." "AFP Takes Aim at Medicaid Expansion in New Ad."