Sunday, May 03, 2015

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Delinquent GOPers safe in gerrymandered districts

"A lengthy budget crisis could spell trouble, but the fallout is unlikely to hurt Florida Republicans, whose seats are in mostly safe districts." "Florida Legislature gridlock unlikely to hurt Republicans."

FlaDems target reps over walk-out

"Florida Democrats are targeting Republican state representatives in swing districts with robocalls and mailers telling voters that their representatives "walked away" from their jobs to avoid voting on health care." "Democrats targeting state reps over walk-out."

Meanwhile, Rick Scott, according to the Miami Herald editors, is "Missing in action."

Special session solution

"Florida Senate president proposes special session in June to end historic budget stalemate." See also "Gardiner floats June special session to complete budget."

"Florida House slimier than an Everglades python"

Daniel Ruth: "When the going gets tough, the Florida House gets slimier than an Everglades python as it slithers out of Tallahassee." "How term limits degraded Florida House."

"The Florida Legislature is broken"

The Tampa Bay Times editorial board: "The Florida Legislature is broken. The depressing drama that played out in Tallahassee last week highlighted the legislative branch's structural flaws that make it virtually impossible to create bipartisan solutions to the state's biggest issues. The system is rigged to benefit the most partisan lawmakers from both political parties, protect incumbents and amplify the voices of lobbyists and large campaign contributors." "Fixing the broken Florida Legislature." See also the Orlando Sentinel editors, "How the Florida Legislature crashed and burned."

Gaetz' Kentucky Derby blues

"Update on Optics alert: Twitter shows Matt Gaetz in Kentucky, but hey, it's nothing!"

Hillsborough SA open to making pot a civil offense

"In a shift that could influence the local debate over decriminalizing marijuana, [Hillsborough County] State Attorney Mark Ober now says he’s open to making juvenile possession of small amounts of pot a civil rather than criminal offense." "Florida state attorney shifts stance on pot violations."