Wednesday, May 27, 2015

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Our digest of, and commentary on today's Florida political news and punditry follows.

Scott Rejects Senate Medicaid Compromise

"Senate leaders floated a revised plan Tuesday in an effort to break the logjam over extending health insurance to hundreds of thousands of Floridians, but the proposal was swiftly rejected by House leaders and Gov. Rick Scott." "Senate Leaders Propose Compromise in Budget Impasse, Gov. Scott and House Reject It." More: "Florida Senate’s budget compromise gets thumbs down from Gov. Rick Scott."

"Gardiner is calling the plan FHIX 2.0, a plan that would allow recipients to stay on the federal health care plan rather than opting into the state plan. . . . Gov. Rick Scott criticized the plan for costing Floridians in the long run." "Gardiner Proposes Medicaid Compromise; Rick Scott Isn't Thrilled."

"Senate President Andy Gardiner, R-Orlando, proposed significant changes Tuesday to legislation expanding Medicaid eligibility in the state, with an eye toward a compromise with the House to help solve the budget impasse between the two chambers." "Senate leader floats 'compromise' to Medicaid expansion plan." See also "Florida Senate offers health care coverage compromise."

The Tampa Tribune editorial board: "House can act responsibly and end health care impasse."

"Rubio calls same-sex marriage a 'danger' to Christianity"

Grubbing for wingnuts, "Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio told the Christian Broadcasting Network that the push for nationwide same-sex marriage represents a threat to Christianity." "Marco Rubio calls same-sex marriage push a 'danger' to Christianity."

Runnin' Gubmint like a bidness

"For the second time in two months, Gov. Rick Scott’s administration has acknowledged it inadvertently released confidential personal data of private citizens, prompting the state to offer free credit monitoring services to protect people from being victims of identity theft." "Florida releases personal data on 13,000 people, issues ‘fraud’ alert."

Hillsborough may ease MJ law

"Hillsborough County is moving tentatively toward making possession of small amounts of marijuana a civil instead of criminal offense for minors." "Hillsborough may ease marijuana law for juveniles."

Jeb needs to upgrade his basic campaign speech

Michael Putney: "Jeb Bush’s basic campaign speech is not bad, but it needs to get better." "Jeb’s stump speech could use fine-tuning on the campaign trail."

Right-wing Super PAC attacks Murphy

The "ultra-right-wing Super PAC" attacks Murphy, and thinks Grayson would be a great candidate. "Patrick Murphy Pushes Back After Club for Growth Goes on the Attack."

"Republican kingmaker" goes down

"Valrico businessman and Republican kingmaker Sam Rashid has never been known to pull his punches. But the outspoken Rashid managed to go a rant too far in a Facebook posting last week, referring to three unnamed Hillsborough County Circuit Judges as 'dumbasses'." "Facebook rant costs Hillsborough Republican a prominent appointment."

Allison Nielsen cautions "Think Before You Tweet: A Lesson for Florida Politicians."

"Watchdog larded with industry executives"

The Miami Herald editors: "Florida’s watchdog over for-profit colleges larded with industry executives" "State comes to students’ rescue? Hardly.."