Monday, May 11, 2015

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"Many issues left in limbo"

The Tampa Trib editors: "Among the many issues left in limbo by the chaotic ending of this year’s regular legislative session is the fate of a gambling deal the state has with the Seminole Tribe." "Lawmakers should renew Seminole gambling deal".


"DeSantis' Departure Leaves Conservative CD 6 a Free-for-All".

"Postponing the hard choices until next year"?

"Health care funding proposals call for either finding a way to draw down federal money while limiting costs, or postponing the hard choices until next year." "Ideas emerge to bridge Florida Legislature’s divide over healthcare funding." Related: "Florida lawmakers aim to avoid pitfalls of past, troubled special sessions."

The best "Jeb!" could do - name calling

"Jeb Bush Hits 'Intolerant' Obama Administration On Religious Freedom."

Time is of the essence

"Lawmakers are getting back together in a 20-day special session starting June 1. That’s because they didn’t finish the state’s annual spending plan by the end of the regular legislative session on May 1."

Actually, they never really got started. Each side came up with its own budget and that’s where the trouble began.

The Republican-controlled Senate dug in on a new funding plan to reimburse hospitals for charity care and taking federal money to expand Medicaid.

The GOP-controlled House is adamantly opposed to those ideas, leaving the two chambers more than $4 billion apart.

Time is of the essence: A budget must be in place by July 1, the start of the next fiscal year.

Aside from one side caving and calling it compromise, political watchers can’t predict the path to a budget in less than three weeks and in the midst of an intraparty dust-up.

"Path to a budget in special session hard to predict."