Sunday, February 01, 2015

Privateer claims he's a "risk taking job creator"

There is much of interest in this January 26, 2015 New Yorker piece, including the reminder that Teabaggers seem quaint by comparison to Jeb in his prime.

"Unlike George, Jeb embraced the ascendant right-wing orthodoxy: he declared himself a 'head-banging conservative'; vowed to 'club this government into submission'; and warned that 'we are transforming our society to a collectivist policy.'"

And then there are the instances of Jeb personally profiting from "In July, 2011, Bush sent letters to college presidents inviting them to [an Academic Partnerships] marketing conference, at the Four Seasons Hotel near Dallas." Jeb was an investor in and an adviser to Academic Partnerships.

Speakers included Tony Blair and the former Australian Prime Minister John Howard. Last spring, Bush recorded an infomercial inviting people to attend another Dallas conference, in March. This time, the speakers were Thomas Friedman, Fareed Zakaria, and Hillary Clinton, who opened her remarks with praise for Bush’s work on education."
Of course, Jeb puts a noble face on his feeding at the trough, no-doubt believing he was speaking about himself when he mouthed,
“Taking risk and creating jobs is something we ought to have more of.”
"Testing Time."