Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Our digest of, and commentary on today's Florida political news and punditry.

Jebbie "a 'moderate'? Don't be silly"

Orlando Sentinel columnist Scott Maxwell touches on some - only a handful - of the reasons Jeb Bush is no "moderate," not even close. He begins with the usual list:

Jeb Bush is a union-busting, school-voucher-promoting, tax-cutting, gun-loving, Terri Schiavo-interfering, hard-core conservative.
He continues:
As governor, Jeb Bush was pro-guns and anti-unions.

He pushed tax cuts for investors and opposed equal rights for gays.

He expanded school vouchers and hatched "devious plans" to fight voters' calls for smaller class sizes.

Jeb Bush isn't conservative in the libertarian get-government-out-of-your-life kinda way. He's conservative in the I-want-government-to-impose-my-values kinda way.

He embraces the death penalty, opposes choice for women and fought embryonic stem-cell research.

When Terri Schiavo lay in a permanent vegetative state and her husband wanted to honor her wishes to let her die, Jeb tried to force a feeding tube back inside her body — until a court told him it was none of his business.

Moderate? Please.He also champions Common Core — which hard-liners won't tolerate either.

"Jeb Bush a 'moderate'? Don't be silly."

Maxwell only scratches the surface - over the next few weeks, we at this website will be reminding readers of some of the reasons Jebbie will be a wonderful candidate, at least for Dems: let's start with Jeb's Bushy tendency for gaffes: e.g., "When Jeb Bush speaks, people cringe" and "Jeb Bush slips on Spanish history" (Jeb "also pronounced "Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar's name incorrectly.")

"Jeb Bush Steals a March"

"By announcing he was 'actively exploring' running for president, Jeb Bush stole a march on other Republicans looking at 2016." "Jeb Bush Steals a March on the Other 2016 GOP Hopefuls."

More: "Saying He Will 'Actively Explore' Running, Jeb Bush Nears the Starting Block for 2016," "Jeb Bush says he’ll ‘actively explore’ presidential run," " Jeb Bush's announcement to 'explore possibility' of presidential run shakes up political maneuvering," "'Onward': What Jeb Bush's campaign message says about 2016," and "Jeb Bush's long campaign begins?"

The Jeb! cheerleaders comprising the Tampa Trib editorial board are harder to take than usual this morning in "Bush eases toward the starting line."

"Jeb Bush, who is seriously considering a 2016 presidential bid, has sprinted to the front of the Republican field in a new McClatchy-Marist Poll." "Poll: Jeb Bush, Romney lead GOP field for 2016 presidential bid."

Run, Marco, run!

"Marco Rubio shares many of the same political supporters and financial donors in Florida as Jeb Bush. But Rubio says Bush’s decision to explore a 2016 presidential bid won’t influence his own plans." "What will Marco Rubio do? Jeb Bush’s 2016 announcement puts pressure on Rubio."

Fact-checking Jeb Bush

"PolitiFact Florida has fact-checked Jeb Bush 20 times on our Truth-O-Meter. We’ve rated five statements True, seven Mostly True, two Half True, four Mostly False, one False and one Pants on Fire." "Fact-checking Jeb Bush, possible 2016 presidential contender."

Will clerks be arrested for issuing marriage licenses?

"Lawyers for Florida’s 67 clerks of court are warning that those who issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples will be 'subject to criminal penalties,' including arrest and imprisonment."

The Florida Association of Court Clerks and Comptrollers on Tuesday released the revised legal opinion from its attorneys.

Some clerks had been preparing for same-sex unions after a federal judge in Tallahassee declared the state’s ban on those marriages unconstitutional.

"Clerks association warns against issuing gay marriage licenses."

Scott basks in the sunshine of Obomanomics

"Florida economists now say they expect the state surplus to more than double next year — from $366 million to almost $1 billion." "Economists project nearly $1 billion surplus for Florida budget."

Usual suspects

"Gov. Rick Scott continues to flesh out his team for a second term, relying on familiar faces in his administration as he readies for the next four years." "Rick Scott Turns to Familiar Faces for Second Term."