Sunday, October 19, 2014

Our digest of, and commentary on today's Florida political news and punditry.

Rick Scott's very own "He-Buffoon" moment

Daniel Ruth: "If Rick Scott goes down in defeat two weeks from now, he might well attribute his electoral misfortune to a bizarre night in Davie when the Florida governor had his very own "He-Buffoon" moment."

Wednesday night, over the space of six short minutes, Rick Scott defined himself as a petulant, prickly pansy trying to wriggle out of a debate against Democrat Charlie Crist because his opponent had installed a small fan at the foot of his lectern.
"Fan dance in Broward." More: "From Favorite to Fanghazi: The Two Worst Days of Gov. Rick Scott’s Re-Election Campaign."

More: "#fangate social media." Jon Stewart: "Jon Stewart Finds Florida's Biggest Problem Might Be Sweaty Balls."

Crist no longer required to dance for FlaBaggers

"There’s no question Crist’s positions on some issues have changed substantially since he was considered a conservative in a comparatively moderate state Senate during the 1990s. But the story behind those changes takes many turns. In some cases, political expediency apparently was involved; in others, Crist says, he was responding to changing circumstances or simply growing older and wiser." "Crist calls changes in position evolution, foes call them flipping."

Election may be won by the time the polls open

"With the race for governor in a dead heat and more than half of Florida's voters likely to cast their ballots before Election Day, the contest could be won or lost by the time the polls open on Nov. 4 — prompting intense efforts by Charlie Crist and Rick Scott to win those prized early votes." "People who vote before Election Day could decide outcome of governor's race."


The Miami Herald, "Charlie Crist for governor" and Orlando Sentinel: "Our choice for governor: Crist." And then there's the Tampa Trib.

Will lame-duck governors make judicial appointments?

The Miami Herald editors: "Don’t let lame-duck governors make future judicial appointments."

Bean counters running the show

"Hillsborough River State Park, Fort DeSoto, the Babcock Ranch Preserve critical to Florida panthers in South Central Florida, first-magnitude springs that manatees call home." "Saving state’s beauty or tying budget-makers’ hands?."

"Scott Privatized, Inmates Died"

"Between 2008 and 2013, Corizon Health -- the country's largest prison health care provider -- was sued 660 times for malpractice. But Governor Rick Scott's administration failed to take note of this history when it awarded Corizon a $1.2 billion contract in 2011. Now an investigation by The Palm Beach Post reveals that Florida inmates have been dying in droves since the state privatized prison health care." "Inmates Dying After Governor Rick Scott Outsources Prison Health Care."

"Long-shot opponents"

"Democratic Reps. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Weston and Frederica Wilson of Miami Gardens drew little-known reelection challengers." "2 South Florida races pit well-known congresswoman against long-shot opponents."

Curbelo exploits "loophole" to hide lobbying clients

"By putting his government and public relations firm under his wife’s name, Carlos Curbelo has avoided having to publicly disclose his clients." "Loophole allows Miami candidate to keep firm clients secret."

Garcia in one of the most competitive races in the country

"One of the most competitive congressional races in the country pits Rep. Joe Garcia, a freshman Democrat, against Miami-Dade school board member Carlos Curbelo." "Miami Rep. Joe Garcia faces tough challenge from Carlos Curbelo."

Scott desperate to show signs of leadership

"CDC Agrees to Two of Gov. Scott's Requests for Ebola Safeguards."

Wyllie on the move

"Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Adrian Wyllie is scheduled to make a campaign stop in South Florida on Sunday with a Calle Ocho visit to La Carreta restaurant in Miami." "Libertarian candidate stumps in Miami on Sunday."