Monday, July 14, 2014

Our digest of, and commentary on today's Florida political news and punditry.

"Scott World unwittingly reinforces its own negatives"

Marc Caputo: "If LeBron James-size gaffes decided elections, Gov. Rick Scott’s campaign is on its way to fouling out."

On Friday, when Miami Heat fans mourned James’ decision to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers, someone from Scott World had a brilliant idea: Compare the basketball champion to . . . Charlie Crist, Scott’s Democratic opponent.

You read that right.

Scott’s campaign “attacked” Crist by comparing him to the wildly popular star who led the Heat to four consecutive NBA finals, including two titles.


"The logic behind the Scott “attack” is rooted in Crist’s terrible 2010 decision to run for U.S. Senate and not seek a second term as governor. Scott World says Crist was trying to escape the state’s problems by going to Washington."
The backfiring “attack” on Crist speaks to a deeper problem for Scott World: It’s hyper-aggressive, views criticism (no matter how constructive) as disloyal, and frustrates fellow Republicans time and again — most notably Coral Gables billionaire Mike Fernandez, a million-dollar Scott contributor who quit his role as top campaign fundraiser earlier this year in frustration at what he saw as dysfunction.

Scott World also unwittingly reinforces its own negatives about the governor and the campaign. It has had its share of criticism for being populated by out-of-state advisors and operatives — some of whom live in or have close ties to Washington’s political class.

Aside from whether the LeBron James backfire buttresses the out-of-stater narrative, it’s quite a feat to attack the longtime Floridian Crist for wanting to “run away” from the state when Scott World is populated by many who are A) not from here or B) not intending to stay here or C) both.

"‘Moron’ move: Rick Scott campaign's LeBron James-size gaffe."

"Western Conservatives High on Allen West, Low on Jeb Bush"

Kevin Derby: "Western Conservatives High on Ben Carson, Allen West, Low on Jeb Bush."

Wal-Mart store to be built in rare forest

"Environmentalists are scratching their heads over a recent deal between the University of Florida and a Palm Beach County developer that will bring a Wal-Mart store, restaurants and apartments to a section of rare forest." "Wal-Mart planned for endangered South Fla. land."

"Charlie's Consuming Washington Itch"

Nancy Smith: "Cameras Don't Lie: Charlie's Consuming Washington Itch."