Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Our digest of, and commentary on today's Florida political news and punditry.

"Watch 2014 election become a referendum on Charlie Crist, not Rick Scott"

Nancy Smith is enjoying Charlie Crist's fall from grace, as she writes that "Charlie is falling behind because Floridians increasingly realize the state is headed in the right direction."

She continues:

So far the Democrats' broad strokes on Charlie's behalf -- expanding Medicaid, building railroads and spending on climate change, for example -- are producing abstracts that plain haven't resonated with Floridians. By his body language, I don't think they've resonated with Charlie either.

As for his one-line pronouncement on Obamacare ("I think it's great!"), Charlie is going to find himself eating the oft-repeated words he first spoke in February 2010 when he gave the three reasons why he would oppose it:

"Number one," he said, "it would raise the rates people would have to pay for health insurance. Number two, it would raise taxes at a time when we don’t need to be raising taxes at all. And number three, it would have the incredible effect of taking about half a trillion dollars out of Medicare."

Watch the 2014 general election become a referendum on Charlie Crist, not Rick Scott.

"Saint Peter Nailed It: Why Charlie's Numbers Are Falling."

The Week Ahead

"The Week Ahead for June 2 to June 6, 2014".

Chamber-types "cautious" about rail

Right-wing"TaxWatch cautiously says rail has ‘potential’".

A political budget

"Gov. Rick Scott signed a record $77 billion, election-year budget Monday that boosts spending on schools and the environment while sparing hundreds of millions in local projects from the threat of vetoes." "Scott inks $77 billion budget; spares the veto rod." See also "As Expected, Scott Vetoes Higher Speed Limits, Citing Unacceptable Risk of More Crashes," "Scott goes easy on vetoes in budget," "Tampa mostly unscathed by Scott vetoes" and "Rick Scott Inks Record Budget, Spares Most Projects."

"Florida Democratic Party went on the attack against Scott on Monday"

"Gov. Rick Scott and former Gov. Charlie Crist, his leading Democratic challenger, clashed on Monday over education and the budget."

The Florida Democratic Party went on the attack against Scott on Monday, launching a new video hitting him on education spending. But Allison Tant, the chairwoman of the Florida Democrats, tried to ignore Crist’s record on the matter. Tant noted that per-pupil spending is below 2007 levels, the first year of Crist’s term as governor.
"Rick Scott and Charlie Crist Fight Over Education and Budget."

FlaBaggers in a dither

"Florida must cut carbon under Obama climate plan."

FlaGOP consultants drop appeal to Supreme Court in Redistricting Case

"An emergency petition to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is being withdrawn. A Republican political consulting firm wanted Thomas to stop a Florida judge from hearing evidence in an ongoing trial. The trial centers on whether state legislators broke the law when drawing up new maps for Congress." "In redistricting case, lawyers withdraw request to US Supreme Court".

Bondi applauded by FlaGOP base

Kevin Derby: "Pam Bondi Draws Fire and Applause for Defending State's Traditional Marriage Law".

Rubio goes to Iowa

"Marco Rubio’s not on the ballot in Iowa, but he is well-positioned to become one of the big winners emerging out of Tuesday’s Republican primary as the GOP looks for a candidate to replace Tom Harkin in the Senate." "Marco Rubio's Iowa Bet Could Pay Off in 2016."

"Revolving door"

"Citizens officials and watchdogs call for review of the revolving door of employees leaving to work for companies that get contracts from the state-run insurer." "Inspector general is asked to investigate Citizens ethics."