Friday, June 28, 2013

Our digest of, and commentary on today's Florida political news and punditry.

RPOFer Who "Praised" West Appointed to Appeals Court by Scott

"Gov. Rick Scott skipped over five more experienced judges and picked Mark Klingensmith, a relative judicial newcomer, on Thursday to fill a vacancy on the Fourth District Court of Appeal, which includes Broward and Palm Beach counties."

The Republican governor’s move wasn’t exactly a shock. Klingensmith had a credential that jumped out to people in the legal and political worlds, especially among Democrats. He’s a former chairman of the Martin County Republican Party.
"In a front page article he wrote for the Martin County Republican Party newsletter in December 2010 – before he became a judge – Klingensmith praised the voters for delivering a 'national rebuke" to Democrats who were attempting to "advance their far-left agenda at the expense of taxpayers.'"
He said the voters sent a "clear message" to the "Nancy Pelosi liberals in Congress," and praised the victories of Marco Rubio, who was elected to the Senate, Allen West, who was elected to Congress – and the election of Scott, who appointed him to the appeals court on Thursday.
"Rick Scott picks former county Republican chairman for coveted appeals court spot".

ALEC Influences Florida Education Policy

"A new report from a statewide progressive group details the influence that the corporate-backed American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC, has had on Florida’s education policy." "New Report Shows ALEC’s Effects On Florida Education Policy".

Rubio drops "exile" line

The Tampa Bay Times editors: "Keep up momentum on immigration reform". See also "Senate passes immigration bill, but at what cost to Sen. Marco Rubio?", "Opposing activists pray, protest at Marco Rubio's office", "Immigration bill leaps Senate hurdle, faces fight in House" and "Rubio, in support of immigration bill, invokes the immigrant experience".


"The Foundation for Florida's Future, a nonpartisan education reform think tank founded by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, published its sixth annual legislative report card Thursday, grading lawmakers on how they voted on six bills." "Jeb Bush Foundation Grades Lawmakers on Education Reform Votes".

Rick Scott's "pants are on fire"

Politifact looked at Rick "Scott’s response to a pointed question: Did Florida offer “something special” to Deutsche Bank in exchange for 300 jobs?"

Scott could have acknowledged that economic incentives are part of the deal. Instead he said they were not. . . .

But records show the company is ready to receive up to $2.08 million in state and local incentives if it hits its job targets. We rate Scott’s claim Pants on Fire.

"Gov. Rick Scott said state offered nothing special to lure Deutsche Bank jobs"

"Redshirt Freshman Advantage"

"Redshirt Freshman Advantage Could Help Mike Hill in Florida House".

Patronis embarrasses himself

"It's not every day a Florida politician trashes former Gov. Bob Graham's environmental record while defending a bill that guts environmental protections. But then there aren't many politicians quite like state Rep. Jimmy Patronis, R-Panama City." "This governor's record is beyond reproach".

What's the rush?

"DEP bonuses based on permitting speed raise concerns with Democratic lawmaker".

Rubio dancing as fast as he can

"Sen. Marco Rubio told a gathering of newspaper editors Tuesday that he thinks a 47-year-old law that gives Cubans fast-track status to permanent U.S. residence should be 're-examined.'" "Sen. Marco Rubio says he wants to re-examine Cubans' fast-track status but immigration bill doesn't". Background: "New Poll Shows Marco Rubio’s Mixed Views on Immigration Reform Are Unpopular".

Lake O

The TCPalm editors: "Negron's proposed hearing on Lake Okeechobee releases needs to result in tangible action steps".

Two major Dem Candidates

"With Rep. Jim Waldman, D-Coconut Creek, facing term limits next year, former Rep. Steve Perman filed to run as a Democrat for the seat at the end of February. For four months Perman was the only candidate in the race -- but a new Democratic contender has jumped in the race. Broward County Mayor Kristin Jacobs, who has served on the Broward County Commission since being elected in 1998, filed her paperwok to run for the House seat on Thursday." "Broward County House Seat Gets Two Major Democratic Candidates".

Chamber laff riot

"The Greater Pensacola Chamber of Commerce has a bit of a problem handling its affairs and is in no mood to allow the public to hear about it." "Pensacola Chamber, Facing Problems, Keeps Public at Distance".

The rules are different here

"Gay couples in Florida likely won’t get all the federal benefits granted to legally wed couples elsewhere." "Court ruling leaves Florida same-sex couples in limbo". The Miami Herald editorial board: "Bittersweet victory" ("Supreme Court rulings on gay marriage still leave gays in Florida and most states seeking answers").

Meanwhile, Frank Cerabimo thinks the Supreme Court ruling means Florida can take the lead in gay weddings, promote job creation