Sunday, May 26, 2013

Our digest of, and commentary on today's Florida political news and punditry.

RPOF 2014 prospects worried about Scott at top of the ticket

Adam Smith: "As the 2014 election cycle approaches, a lot of prospective Republican candidates are nervously watching Gov. Rick Scott's low poll numbers, knowing that their campaigns could well be dragged down — or lifted up — by the fellow at the top of the ticket."

Count Florida Senate President Don Gaetz among those worried about Scott's prospects.
"Florida Republicans' 2014 prospects nervous about top of ticket".


"In 2012, the Orlando Sentinel reported that companies received brownfield tax breaks without having to show there was contamination. HB 7007 and SB 4006 require that brownfield sites have cleanup agreements in place with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection or be next to such contamination areas. Some say that is too restrictive. " "Bills clamp down on 'brownfields' designations after reports".

"Business as usual"

"Sweet deals are business as usual in Florida government".

Nothing to be proud of

"Rick Scott says budget sets record low for state workers per capita this century".

Rubio vs. Cruz

"GOP senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz have arrived at the contentious issue of immigration from very similar places."

Both came from immigrant families. Both have Cuban roots. Both rose to the Senate with help from the Tea Party and still speak in glowing terms about how the United States remains the greatest nation for downtrodden immigrants to lift themselves up.

But as Congress arrives at a key moment in its work to overhaul the nation’s immigration laws, the two stand at opposite ends of the debate on whether to allow the nation’s 11 million unauthorized immigrants to become citizens. That divide mirrors the argument within the Republican Party over how to handle the immigration bill — and could end up propelling, or sinking, the two senators as they mull possible presidential runs in 2016.

"Rubio vs. Cruz: Hispanic conservatives battle for GOP's soul over immigration issue".

"Don't count Sink out"

"Don't dismiss the possibility that former chief financial officer Alex Sink will run for governor again. She made it sound unlikely after the death of her husband, Bill McBride, but we hear the Democrat has been talking to a lot of influential politicos lately." "Don't count Sink out".


"Something we thought we'd never hear again:"

Bob Graham enthusiastically belting out his wonderfully horrible 1977 campaign song urging everybody to "be a Graham Cracker Backer." But there he was last week in Stacy Frank's South Tampa living room, daughter and congressional candidate Gwen Graham at his side along with Charlie Crist, singing away: "We've Got a Friend In Bob Graham! That's What Everybody's Sayin'!"
"Graham Cracker redux".

Nelson urges veto

"Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson urged Florida Gov. Rick Scott to veto legislation his fellow Republicans advanced that suspends for two years the state’s authority to set health insurance rates." "Nelson urges veto of Florida bill suspending state power to set health insurance rates".

Publicity stunt

Florida's Governor fights to ensure that Florida's Wawa jobs go local: "In his quest to connect talented, ambitious college graduates in Florida with a widening state job market, Gov. Rick Scott has launched a new initiative -- a campaign he calls Hiring Florida Graduates, and a website," "Campaign Seeks to Give Jobs to Florida Grads".

About Detert

"State Sen. Nancy Detert is a hard-charging, 68-year-old Sarasota grandmother who championed three key bills." "Sarasota lawmaker carves out legacy in Legislature".