Thursday, April 25, 2013

Our digest of, and commentary on today's Florida political news and punditry.

Enough Already

"George W. Bush: Jeb Bush Should 'Run' In 2016". More here.

"Dangerous Bills"

The Miami Herald editors: "Dangerous bills help Big Sugar pollute, quash government transparency".

Campaign-finance loophole

"Legislative deal keeps major campaign-finance loophole". See also "Legislators finish rewrite of ethics, campaign bills".

GOP back to its "ugly ways" on immigration

Fabiola Santiago: "" "On immigration, GOP back to ugly ways". More: "Rubio’s effort to woo right on immigration reform continues with Hannity appearance".

"Florida polluters are winners today"

"Senate passes water quality bill, House passes fertilizer amendment -- and Sierra Club slams both".

Voter email address secrecy

The Tampa Bay Times editorial board: "Plan to cloak voter email addresses invites too much secrecy".

Dems co-sponsor health amendment with Fasano

"Democrats to co-sponsor Fasano health amendment". Related: "Policy Note: Medicaid Expansion".

We missed that press conference

We missed the Guv's press conference on this: "Weekly U.S. unemployment benefit applications fell 16,000 to a seasonally adjusted 339,000, the second-lowest level in more than five years. The decline suggests companies are laying off fewer workers and may step up hiring. Here are the states with the biggest increases and decreases in unemployment benefit applications. The state-level data are one week behind the national figures. States with the biggest increases:"

California: Up 24,303, due to layoffs in services

Texas: Up 3,050, no reason given

Florida: Up 2,623, due to layoffs in the manufacturing, construction, services, retail and trade industries

Indiana: Up 2,372, due to layoffs in manufacturing

Arizona: Up 1,296, no reason given

"How states fared on unemployment benefit claims".

Good luck with that

The Miami Herald editotial board: "Restore affordable-housing funds".

"Power Grab"

The Tampa Bay Times editors: "Power grab hurts lower-wage workers".

Citizens bill delayed

"Citizens Insurance overhaul bill delayed — again".