Monday, August 27, 2012

Our digest of, and commentary on today's Florida political news and punditry.

"Politically motivated teacher evaluation system"

The Palm Beach Post editors: "Politically motivated teacher evaluation system a mess.".

"Campaigns rake in $12.8 million from Florida — in one week"

"From June 24-30, Florida candidates and political committees raised a little more than $10.8 million. Mitt Romney, President Barack Obama and super PACs banked an additional $1.9 million from Floridians." "National and state campaigns in Florida raked in $12.8 million — in one week".

Oh ... pleeze

Why does Florida's third tier media think that a Governor reminding us to wear our raincoats is somehow a display of "mettle"? "While no one will say it [but you just did], the storm offers Scott an opening to many still skeptical Floridians to prove his mettle in a crisis. It’s Scott, not Romney, the state is seeing on TV twice a day. And it’s Scott’s voice that is being asked to reassure Florida and its thousands of convention guests as Isaac impacts the coastline." "Isaac puts spotlight on Gov. Rick Scott".

"There are some things they could do — but I doubt they will"

Andres Oppenheimer: "One of the key things to watch in this week’s Republican national convention in Tampa is whether the Romney-Ryan ticket will be able to connect with Hispanics and improve its dismal approval ratings among Latino voters. There are some things they could do — but I doubt they will." "What Romney could do to connect with Hispanics".

Affordable Care Act price-tag

"Looking for the price-tag of the federal Affordable Care Act, analysts have released a report estimating that an expansion of the Medicaid program would cost the state $79.2 million during the 2016-17 fiscal year and that the costs would grow to $337.6 million by 2022-23." "Medicaid Expansion Costs Start at $79 Million and Climb".

Sarasota County Republican Party goes birther

"Donald Trump may not be getting his 'big surprise' at the GOP convention today, but he caused plenty of trouble Sunday night anyway."

Accepting a "Statesman of the Year" award from the Sarasota County Republican Party, the real estate mogul reignited questions about President Barack Obama's birth certificate and weighed in on Mitt Romney's recent joke on the topic. "What I think doesn't matter. (Romney) has his views and many other people disagree with him, as you know," Trump said at a news conference before the awards dinner at the Ritz-Carlton. It lured a record-breaking crowd that made Trump "bigger than (Tropical Storm) Isaac," organizers said in a press release. Trump was referring to Romney's comments at a Michigan rally last week when he said in his home state, "No one's ever asked to see my birth certificate."
"In Sarasota, Donald Trump stirs birther pot, urges gloves-off campaign".

Saint "Jeb!"

The librul Tampa Bay Times editors can't get enough of the "Jeb!": "former Republican Florida Gov. Jeb Bush suggested in published and broadcast interviews over the weekend. For example, he acknowledged that the tough anti-immigrant rhetoric is not helpful if the idea is to attract Hispanics and other minorities to the Republican Party. In Sunday's Tampa Bay Times, Bush even suggested that a meaningful plan to reduce the federal deficit will have to include adding some revenue. Bush is hardly a fan of tax increases, but he is much more realistic about what it will take to reduce the budget deficit than the Ryan approach and more specific than the Romney outline." "GOP message needs a tuneup". See also "Bush dynasty continues to impact Republican politics".

"Crist continues political makeover"

"Former Gov. Charlie Crist’s opinion piece is the latest in a series of political steps in which he appears to be preparing — as a Democrat — to challenge Gov. Rick Scott in 2014." "Crist continues political makeover with Obama endorsement". Related: "Republicans denounce Crist for Obama endorsement on eve of GOP convention". Say what? "Crist to speak at Democratic National Convention". Nancy Smith: "In the house where Florida Democrats live, the candidate cupboard is bare. Let's see how long it takes the party of desperation to snatch up Charlie Crist like he's water in a desert." "Charlie Crist's Latest Obama Hug Is Gonna Get Him Into the Club".

News Journal editors to the rescue

The Daytona Beach News Journal editors to the rescue: "Scott gets small boost from improved communication".

Florida college guest speaker raffles Obama punching bag

"Lake-Sumter Community College president apologizes for Obama punching bag giveaway".