Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Please consider giving newspaper subscriptions as gifs this Holiday season. Our digest of, and commentary on today's Florida political news and punditry follows.

Scott loses thousands of jobs "in every sector and region of the state"

"The untold chapter in Gov. Rick Scott's jobs story: the thousands of lost jobs in every sector and region of the state." "Gov. Rick Scott boasts about creating new jobs, but the numbers tell a far different story". More: "Read part 1 of the series" and "Read part 2 of the series".

Fred Grimm: "Gov. Rick Scott’s ‘jobs, jobs jobs’ is just talk, talk, talk".

"Scott’s top aide lied about college degree"

"A top aide to Florida Gov. Rick Scott is admitting that he once misled people about having a college degree."

Adam Hollingsworth, Scott’s chief of staff, issued a statement to The Miami Herald and Tampa Bay Times where he acknowledged that he did not receive a degree from the University of Alabama until 2009. He acknowledged that for years he had said he was a graduate.

Hollingsworth said he apologized for the “misrepresentation.” . . .

Scott in a statement said that he had confidence in Hollingsworth as his chief of staff and called him a “man of tremendous integrity.”

"Gov. Scott’s top aide lied about college degree".

"Gov. Rick Scott’s chief of staff, Adam Hollingsworth, received his communications degree in 2009 — not 1990 as he suggested on his May 27, 2011 application for an appointment to the board of Enterprise Florida Inc., the state's public-private economic development agency." "New documents show another degree controversy dogs Scott's chief of staff". More: "Marc Caputo: Hollingsworth’s lie about PR degree bad spin for Gov. Rick Scott" ("Adam Hollingsworth sometimes gave an aw-shucks self-deprecating line when he gave advice: 'I’m just a guy with a P.R. degree from Alabama.'")

The best they could do

"Orlando Republican Andy Gardiner was formally elected as his party's designate for Senate president in a ceremony on the Senate floor Tuesday." "Orlando's Gardiner tapped as next Senate president".

Charter madness

"A new study shows charter school enrollment surging, raising concerns for urban public schools." "With charter enrollment surging, Miami-Dade public schools look to tighten the rules".

Not just a lobbyist

"The Republicans on the Jan. 14 Congressional District 13 special election primary ballot are fighting for name recognition in the abnormally short run-up to the election. So far, little is widely known about each beyond a job title or two. Candidate David Jolly, says one of his labels — that of registered federal lobbyist — doesn’t tell the whole story." "Jolly hopes to shake lobbyist label in District 13 race".

Florida's worst election offenders

"A Washington-based advocacy group released a report Monday highly critical of the Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections Office during the 2012 November election, citing long waits in line and issues over provisional ballots. The report from the Center for American Progress Action Fund named the state’s best and worst election offices and included Hillsborough County’s office as one of six that performed poorly on Election Day." "Hillsborough rejects allegation it botched 2012 election". Here's the report: "New Report Ranks Florida’s Worst Election Offenders".

Scott doubling Crist in fundraising

"Charlie Crist grosses $2.9 million in first month to Rick Scott's $5.9 mil". See also "Crist backers praise $3 million raised in first month".

The ease of voting in a Republican county

"In the 2012 elections, Seminole County had the highest voter turnout of any of Florida’s large (200,000+) counties, while also holding the fiscal line with the lowest cost-per-voter. The county had a higher voter turnout than 49 of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. The county also had one of the best records in Florida for keeping voter lines short." "Seminole elections supervisor gets international award".

Economic incentives at work

"After receiving more than $700,000 in economic incentives from the state, a Bradenton ambulance production outfit shed 129 employees." "When state dollars don’t pay dividends".